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"NCWC  has helped my stiff neck and has eliminated my horrible headaches, and has allowed me to move my head and neck with 85% less pain! Thanks NCWC!


My child had an unbalanced emotional state. I never knew if he was going to go into a rage if he was disciplined. He had bipolar symptoms.  After seeing Dr. Jody, the rages have subsided and he can control his anger much better. Thank you Dr. Jody

"I can walk up stairs, lift laundry baskets and groceries now. I sleep through the night and wake with little or no pain! Thank you!"


When I first started coming to see Dr. Jody, my head was foggy. I couldn’t fully form thoughts. I had anxiety and extreme fatigue. Now the foggy head has significantly improved and the anxiety is much less. The fatigue is better.    Thanks, I.D.

My son has not used his inhaler since starting on Dr. Jody’s program.

Before I started seeing Dr. Jody, I had stomach pain, bloating and irregular bowels. I also suffered from headaches and fatigue, achy joints, and I could not lose weight. Since starting on my nutrition program, I have no stomach pain, less bloating, and regular bowel movements. My joints do not hurt anymore and I have less headaches. I have more energy than I imagined and I started to lose weight.  A.C.
"Nutrition Response Testing was incredible. For Dr. Jody to be able to figure out what's been going on with my system in 45 minutes for amazing." B.C.

"I knew something was wrong but I wasn't sure what is was. I am glad to have somewhere to start! Also, good to know what my body needs and doesn't need nutritionally to help heal it!" L.W.

"I came in feeling not very good. I missed a lot of school due to stomach aches and didn't know why. I had a lot of headaches and slept a lot and was always tired. I was not very alert. Now after having seen Dr. Jody for nutrition, I have no stomach or headaches. I sleep less but feel better. I feel more alert and less groggy. I am more awake and have more energy." M.D.

"After my first visit I have had no more headaches! I had been taking aspirin twice a day for a week and a half. Thank you so much!"


"The efforts of NCWC to help this body heal the way it should have been amazing. The staff is so helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming. Love coming here!"


"The efforts of NCWC to help this body heal the way it should have been amazing. The staff is so helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming. Love coming here!"


"Coming here has saved my sanity! Acupuncture saved the day, and follow ups work well to keep things on an even track.

The drop table should have a place for autographs from all who need it and are helped. Thanks Dr. Scott."


Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.Thanks, Dr. Scott  for helping my son?June 2005   

"One year ago my son, Jeffrey (age 10), was struggling in school.  His grades were average, but teacher comments indicated that he was having a difficult time staying on task and he was easily distracted, especially during independent work or standardized testing. My husband and I were becoming less patient with homework issues.  What was assigned as 30 minutes of homework turned into 2 hours of agony for both him and us.  Homework sessions ended with all three of us losing our patience!  I brought my son to our family doctor for a consultation, thinking that these behaviors were associated with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  After consulting with the doctor and his teacher it was determined that Jeffrey had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  Our doctor prescribed a drug commonly used for this affliction.  However, when I asked what the long term affects of this drug were on the developing body and brain of a 10 year old, he stated that there was no information available.  We started the prescribed medication and it made my son sick to his stomach, drowsy and extremely lethargic.We began to research ADHD further and I found that there were natural alternatives to medication.  Right around the same time, I noticed the pretty new building on Rte 236, quickly jotted down the number on my way to work and set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Scott.  Dr. Scott has been treating my son for the past 10 months and the change in Jeffrey has been remarkable.  Jeffrey had just completed 5th grade and on his last day of school called me to read his report card because he was so proud of his improvements.  His grades are currently above average, and is reading on an 8th grade level.  Also with nutritional consulting, he has lost some of the extra weight that he had been carrying around.  His athletic endurance has greatly improved, both physically and in his ability to focus on the task at hand.  Natural Care Wellness Center is a warm, caring and friendly environment.  My son looks forward to his visits because not only does it maintain his feeling of wellness, but he enjoys visiting with Dr. Scott."    -M. H.

"Coming here has saved my sanity! Acupuncture saved the day, and follow ups work well to keep things on an even track.

The drop table should have a place for autographs from all who need it and are helped. Thanks Dr. Scott."


"I've been thinking about getting acupuncture for a about a year, but for unknown reasons I held off.  I finally made an appointment with Dr. Scott at the Center and before I went to see him that morning I started getting numbness on the left side of my face.  After hearing about the symptoms and examining my face he thought it might be Bell's Palsy.  So he treated the symptoms of  Bell's Palsy with specific Acupuncture points.  At this point, I decided to make an appointment with my primary care physician for a second opinion. I could not get in to see him for a least a week.  The numbness had gotten to the point that I could not eat or drink anything because I could not close my mouth on the left side and my eye was also drooping.  It was obvious something was very wrong.  Due to these symptoms the depression started to set in and my personality started to change because of the uncertainty that it was going to get better. But with each treatment I started to feel better and the numbness started to disappear.  After 5 sessions with Dr. Scott and a week later, I was finally able to get in to see my physician.  He agreed that it was indeed  Bell's Palsy and prescribed a 'very controversial steroid' for me to take for the next 8 days.  Knowing that I had session that same day with Dr. Scott,  I did not take the medication without consulting with him.  To my surprise later that night, the symptoms of  Bell's Palsy did go away.  I did another session with Dr. Scott for preventative care and to relieve some of the depression.  To this day, I no longer have any numbness in my face and did not take any 'medication' for it.  I was very glad that I did the Acupuncture with Dr. Scott."

  "In the fall of 1989, while seeing a chiropractor for low back problems, he suggested that I have an MRI and see a neurologist.  I knew something wasn't right and I needed to follow through for some answers.  I wasn't prepared for what the neurologist had to tell me.  He showed me the MRI's, and said I had Multiple Sclerosis.  He continued by saying that there was no cure and no idea what caused it.  While still in the state of shock, he instructed me to avoid stress, get plenty of sleep, eat right,  forget that I have MS, and go on with my life, and finally, if I have any symptoms to call him.  I made a pledge to myself that I would find a new neurologist, search to find a "cure" and I would go on with my life!  Over the next 10 years, I experienced many flare-ups of the MS which meant taking large doses of steroids for long periods of time.  Also during this time frame, the 'ABC' drugs for the treatment, not a cure, of MS hit the market.  They were daily or weekly self injections which could also cause liver damage.  I experienced more difficulty walking because of weakness and tone in my right leg.  I was given more medications.  I was a walking zombie, falling asleep at work, low energy and very constipated.  I was becoming desperate.  I tried supplements, bottled juices, books, CDs purchased from the Internet, and finally live bee stings with no results.  I still believed that there was something or someone that could help me get control of this disease. My prayers were answered.  The new millennium gave me the hope and the direction I'd been searching for.  A natural nutritionist said everything I was putting in my body was causing the MS.  My disease was the result of all the toxins in my body.  The next day, I stopped all my medications, ordered a juicer, and started eating a raw diet.  This was also when Dr. Jody came into my life.  She was my chiropractor, nutritionist, and also my colon-hydrotherapist.  With her gentle guidance, knowledge and immense support, I was able to go through numerous healing crises, lost 40 pounds, and completely change my poor blood test to the best ever.   But more importantly, I was able to STOP the progression of this disease!  Yes, it was confirmed by my latest MRI taken last summer, when compared to the last one done in 1996 the disease had not progressed even the slightest.  This was the best news ever!  My treatment now consists of chiropractic, colon-hydrotherapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and massage therapy by the wonderful staff at the Center who truly cares about each and every patient.  They are all well educated, compassionate individuals who are constantly searching out information and treatments for their patients.    Dr. Jody and Dr. Scott came into my life when I needed them the most and I will be forever grateful to them.  My journey to seek a cure for my illness has been a long one, one that by no means is over.  I often remind myself of that walking zombie that I had once become and celebrate the power I now control.  So again I thank these caring, gifted professionals who I call my friends, for being here for me."    - B. F.

"Dear Dr. Scott:    I just wanted to write you a little thank you note for the services you provided for me.  Back in August of 2003, I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, a rare red blood disorder where I produced way too much red blood cells.  When they diagnosed me, I had a little over 8 pints too much blood in my body.  Clearly I wasn't feeling well. I went through many tests including a bone marrow test which wasn't a lot of fun.  My blood doctor managed to stay on top of my disorder, however, I still wasn't feeling so good and my body was continuously producing a pint of blood every 2 weeks which they needed to take out to avoid any heart or clotting concerns.  In September 2004, I was speaking with my sister in San Francisco and she was concerned with my health.  She suggested that I try Acupuncture.  She had success from it in the past and thought I should try it out.  I promised her the next day I would go through the phone book and see who does it in the area.  Well the very next day, I was driving to work heading down Rt 236 and noticed your new office with the grand opening sign.  As I drove by, I noticed that the sign mentioned acupuncture services available. Well, I took that as a sign.  I took the next available street and turned around and came into your office and made an appointment for the same day.  Within 3 to 4 appointments with you, my blood stopped producing the excess amounts. My overall health improved dramatically and I feel better than I did before my diagnosis.  My doctor was floored.  He couldn't understand how my blood production could just stop like that overnight.  He asked me where I had made any unusual lifestyle changes and I told him only that I had started going to acupuncture.  Needless, to say he was skeptical, however, I have not had to have any blood taken in 8 months.  I have never felt better thanks to you.  You provide an excellent service to the Southern Maine Community and I for one am happy you're here in Eliot.    - D. F.

"Our family sought Nutrition Response Testing services several months ago after dealing with some health issues our son was experiencing. At 7 years old, he developed a food allergy to diary that was undiagnosable. WE had allergy testing done, blood work done, and multiple visits to his pediatrician. All of his results came back negative for any allergy, but ultimately, whenever he consumed any diary products, he was violently ill (vomiting and migraines). We removed diary from his life at the age of 7 and saw some improvement but we were never really sure when the next episode of diary induced illness would strike, Our son was having a hard time dealing with social issues around his allergy, wasn't gaining weight, and most obviously had low energy for a young boy. After the initial testing, we put our son on the recommended supplement regiment and dietary changes, not sure if it would work, but we were willing to try anything. He is such a different boy! He has started gaining weight and has massive amounts of energy now. We have even had to strategize around how to get him to bed (at 10 years old) because he isn't tired all the time. Most significant for us was that several weeks into his treatment, we introduced diary and there was no violent reaction. No migraine, no vomiting, no lethargy. The transformation in his health was astounding. We continue to credit the work Dr Jody has done and continues to do wit hour son in changing his health.

Update: As of March 2014, our son continues to thrive and continues his daily diary intake. Every time he has a yogurt or a piece of chocolate or a slice of pizza, he reminds me how grateful he is that he can do these things. Every allergy free day is a gift for us." P.W. and T. W.

    "In late January 2005, my 10 year old Doberman Pincher Roxi, started showing signs of her neck being sore.  She had a hard time turning her head from side to side, even bending her head down to eat from her food bowl was causing pain.  She would hesitate going down stairs, as though it was painful to do. I work for a veterinarian so I decided to bring Roxi to see him so he could find out what the cause of the discomfort  was.  He took radio-graphs of her neck and spine  but couldn't find anything on the x-rays.  The vet put Roxi on anti-inflammatory and pain medication to help keep her comfortable, and recommended for us to see a referring clinic that specialized in neck and spine injuries. I knew going to a specialist was going to be expensive, so I waited to discuss the situation with Chris, my boyfriend, before I did anything.  At that time, Chris was seeing Dr. Scott for his lower back and after I discussed what was happening to Roxi, he spoke to Dr. Scott about it at his next visit.  Dr. Scott, without hesitation, told Chris to bring Roxi in with her x-rays.  The next day, I picked up her x-rays at the vets and we all went to see Dr. Scott.  About a week and half had gone by since she first started showing signs of discomfort.  At this point, sitting down was becoming a chore for her, she would lean to one side. Dr. Scott reviewed the x-rays and found an area (C5, C6) on her neck that seemed to be giving her the most discomfort and also her pelvis was out.  He used an activator which adjusted her neck and pelvis.  To all of our surprise, Roxi, stood still while Dr. Scott was adjusting her and didn't show any signs of pain after the adjustment.  What we found out was that because her neck and hips were out of place this explained her leaning to one side when she sat. The injury could have happened at any time while she was doing every day activities.  It has been almost a year now and we all have been coming to see Dr. Scott for regular visits.  Roxi is keeping her adjustments and she is no longer in pain. She is back to her every day activities, running, playing rough, and sitting without any pain."

    Thank you Dr. Scott.    Roxi, Sarah and Chris

"I have always struggled to keep my weight under control. I have been on and off “diets” for years. However, nothing really helped. About 4 years ago I lost 50 pounds to compete in a body building competition. After the show, the holidays came and I started to pack on the pounds again. Fortunately, I did not regain all my weight but I was up more than I planned. I tried again and again to lose the weight. I went with all raw food. Nope. I was vegan for a month and that caused me to gain weight instead. I worked out 3-5 days per week and taught boot camp classes and could not get the weight off. At an advanced Nutritional Response Testing work shop, I asked the doctor to test my body fat. It was loaded with toxins. I started a nutrition program based on the finding and cut out ALL sugar and toxins from my diet. I continued a very strict diet for 6 weeks and lost the weight and have continued to keep it off. I still struggle with maintaining my weight loss (since I’m only 2 months in) but now I have a tool to use to keep me healthy. I am still 95% off of sugar. I am feeling great and my energy is up. Now I work out 2 times a day and feel great. I have about 5 more pounds to lose to hit my goal."

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